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R-Studio was developed to help you to recover and undelete files from your pc
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R-Studio R-tools Technology Inc was developed to help you to recover and undelete files from your pc. It is very useful and necessary to find lost or deleted data in cases of hardware failure, operating system crashes, errors on deleting files, viruses or malicious attacks. It makes virtual RAIDS, recovers data off a CD or DVD, encrypted files, compressed files and alternative data streams.
This powerful software contains advanced data recovery technologies and it is a very intuitive and effective solution for recovery files from your hard drive. The application works on local and network disks even if partitions are deleted, formatted or damaged.
The interface is Explorer-like and intuitive, showing the complete structure of your hard disk as an expanding tree and including information as labels and sizes of drivers, and detailed information for each folder and each file (name, size, creation date). After scanning, main screen shows you a detail of the found files to estimate recovery chances. It has detailed parameter settings to give you total control over data recovery, but some settings are developed for a technical person rather than for a novice user; they are not easy to use. The application scans the drives and disks you choose, you can see results while the application is working. Therefore, you can create an image file or compress files and split into several files to put it on CD/DVD/Flash for posterior data recovering.
This review applies to version 4.6. New features included in this version are: Support for digital camera raw images; Versatile data visualization; File Sorting; Expandable Known File Types; Support for mass file recovery; Common Find/Mark dialog; Hex Editor Enhancement; HFS and HFS+ file systems support; Apple Computers support; Big Endian variant of UFS support; GPT partition layout schema support; Apple Partition Map (APM) support; Support for various unusual RAID configurations; R-Studio Technician Portable was added to R-Studio Technician package; Compressed image format support; and more.
This is a Demo version with limited functionality: you can not recover lost files larger than 64KB. You can evaluate this version before buying its license. R-Studio is compatible with Win95/98/98SE/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista and demo version is only available in English.

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  • Effective and complete tool, more features than other tools alike, supports other OS files


  • Costly program for complete functionality, Demo version with limited functionality, only available in English, no ability to search by file's name
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