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R-Studio recovers files from not only local disks but also remote locations
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R-Studio can recover files from not only local disks but also from remote locations. The program supports multiple types of disks and file formats and works even when the partition structure is corrupted. In this regard, dynamic disks, including Windows software RAIDs, mirrors, and spanned volumes are effectively detected. As for the file systems, practically all of them are allowed: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, UFS and Ext3/4fs. Even though I wouldn’t say that the application is somehow difficult to use, but it’s certainly not as user friendly as other similar tools.

If I were to mention just one of the advantages of R-Studio, I’d certainly say - the speed. This program can do in few minutes what for others may take hours to do. Moreover, while the program is scanning a disk, it shows the items being found. Besides, it can also inform you of the real chances of recovering a specific item. Luckily, the application is very effective in rescuing all kinds of files, even if they’re encrypted or compressed or after the partition that contains them has been formatted. In all cases, the program can also restore the original folder structure if you want it to.

Another advantage that is worth mentioning is that R-Studio can create image files of drives, disks or just a section of them, which is probably the best action to avoid data loss when the hardware is already showing signs of malfunction. Those images can be loaded and processed exactly as if they were disks.

All in all, I would recommend R-Studio to professionals, such as network administrators and forensic experts. By this, I don’t mean home users cannot use it, but they’ll probably feel more comfortable with other more intuitive but less powerful tools. It’s important to say that R-Studio can work with network partitions without difficulty. Moreover, it can also help you recover data from a computer that cannot start properly. For this purpose, you can use R-Studio from a bootable floppy, USB drive or a compact disk.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice interface
  • It supports network partitions
  • It supports practically all file systems
  • It can create images of your data
  • It works very fast


  • It’s not as easy to use as other similar software
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